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What is a Storage VPS?

What is a Storage VPS?

Storage Virtual Private Servers are very similar in nature to a traditional VPS. However, VPS storage features have been modified to store large amounts of data while ensuring sufficient bandwidth. Unlike a simple VPS, storage VPS features less RAM and CPU allocation as mentioned earlier as well. In this way, storage servers adequately fulfill their primary purpose of providing data storage services. Besides, Storage VPS plans give access to the Control Panel exclusively through dedicated software.

Unlike a regular VPS which requires keeping up with the latest hardware specifications to ensure high speed and performance, there are no such requirements for VPS storage. On the contrary, it uses somewhat outdated hardware specifications in order to keep the prices affordable. There is no downside to using these outdated hardware specs since resource allocation is up to date, only performance may be affected. Thus, a storage VPS is a reliable resource provider.



InterServer, with its strong network, has been providing the quality services for the past twenty-two years. It is a comprehensive solution to all web hosting problems. InterServer’s reliability is demonstrated by its highly integrated and dedicated network of highly experienced, technology-oriented individuals.

When it comes to storage-optimized virtual private servers, InterServer offers some of the most affordable plans on the market. InterServer storage-optimized VPS hosting plans start at a nominal rate of $6 per month. It offers sixteen different packages to facilitate the needs of different users.

InterServer Storage VPS packages are priced on a storage basis allowing you to choose between 1 to 16 TB of storage as well as 1 to 16 CPU cores. Each increment is known as a slice.


Time4VPS – Cheapest Storage VPS Hosting Servers

TimeVPS is a major hosting provider that emerged in 2003 and has grown to become the largest hosting provider in Europe in a short period of time. Despite many other hosting services vying for the number one spot, Time4VPS is still the number one choice for many. Time4VPS combines affordable, scalable hosting plans with enterprise-grade technology. Thus, its popularity continues to multiply.

Time4VPS offers storage servers to store huge amount of data and make sure none of it is lost due to accidents and mishaps. Storage VPS is also suitable for allocating resources for simplicity. It is important to choose the right provider for this.

Time4VPS servers are designed for users who are looking for a functional, reliable and flexible platform. The plans are not only great value for money, but also allow the required amount of storage, RAM, and data transfer to be combined. The best deal is the option to pay for everything you use only.


Contabo – Cheap Best Value Storage VPS Server with High RAM

Contabo is a well-known hosting provider committed to providing quality and global availability of hosting services since the last two decades. With low prices and high-quality services, the site has quickly become a favorite and still maintains its position as one of the top-tier hosting providers.

VPS Storage Hosting is configured by Contabo and optimized for storage purposes. Furthermore, these plans combine a hard drive and SSD storage. As a result, users enjoy superior performance and super speed. Thus with Storage VPS, users get ample storage space for data and at the same time, SSD boost ensures that the VPS OS runs faster than the HDD alone.


Kamatera – Cheap Cloud Storage VPS Server with Powerful CPUs

Kamatera Express is one of the leading web hosting providers as the web was first developed over two decades ago in 1995. However, Kamatera Express has kept pace with changing technology and has easily adopted all the cutting edge technologies to stay relevant. Kamatera Express is currently known for its high-performance servers, wide range of products, flexible and scalable cloud servers, and readily available support.

Cloud servers make a lot of use of block storage in VPS, and Kamatera offers Cloud Block Storage which is their own data storage system. Cloud Block Storage can be used to improve server disk capacity and expand databases. Transferring servers and storing large amounts of information and data in all its forms. It is basically a permanently available virtual hard disk that can be scalable if the need arises.

Vultr – Cheap Cloud Storage VPS Servers for Linux / Windows

Vultr is a popular name in the hosting industry with more than twenty years of experience handling complex hosting environments. Since its inception in 2014, Vultr has had a mission to empower developers and businesses by simplifying infrastructure deployment via its advanced cloud platform.

Vultr Object Storage provides inexpensive, reliable, highly secure, and scalable storage resources for your data. It is powered by the latest cutting edge technology and uses fast NVMe caching. Thanks to this feature, high performance is achieved and frequently accessed data is more accessible.


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