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Bare Metal VPS: Most Affordable Bare Metal Hosts

What is a Bare Metal Server?

A metal server (also called a dedicated server) is a physical server that is intended for use by only one tenant. The term is currently used to distinguish it from advanced types of cloud and virtual hosting. Since Bare-metal servers are individual servers, they cannot be shared between clients. Each server can run a number of tasks for the client, but they are entirely dedicated to the client renting them.

On a metallic server, you can optimize the server according to its needs for performance, security, and reliability. Typical site types, features, and environments that should use metallic server hosting include those with: game and game design, large databases that store relational materials, and view sites. Bare metal servers are a good option for small and medium businesses, as they provide a low cost hosting solution.

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What are the benefits of metal server?

Bare metal servers offer several major advantages over a virtual and shared server. With Economy Servers from Database Mart, you will get the following advantages:

  • Enhanced physical isolation provides security and organizational benefits.
  • More processing power.
  • Full control of their software suite.
  • More consistent disk and network I/O performance.
  • Higher Quality of Service (QoS) by eliminating neighborhood nuisance
  • The ability to shoot to create a seamless experience when moving and scaling workloads

Differences between Bare Metal Server and Virtual Server

For most companies, the selection criteria are application or workload-specific. It is very common for a company to use a mix of metallic servers along with virtual resources across their cloud environment.

Virtual servers are the most popular form of cloud computing because they offer greater resource density, faster provisioning times, and the ability to scale up and down quickly as needs dictate. But metallic servers are the right choice for a few initial use cases that take advantage of the feature set. These attributes are the dedicated resources, greater processing power, and more consistent disk and network I/O performance.

What are some examples where bare metal as a service is a better option?

  • Bare metal provides low latency, faster processing power and is best suited for computing-intensive workloads such as:
  • Processing large amounts of data.
  • Provide graphics and animation.
  • For the data security, you need complete control over your IT environment.

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Bare Metal VPS: The Most Affordable Providers


1.     iDrive bare metal servers account

iDrive is usually best known for its award-winning cloud storage service, but it also offers a range of products including remote desktop, VPS and metallic hosting. It currently covers 20 locations in the US and Europe.

To keep things simple, there is only one SKU on offer (1 TB NVMe, Intel Xeon E-2236 CPU with 32 GB of RAM and 10 Gbps connection). Right now, you can get an exclusive 95% off this metal server, which drops the price from $2,220 annually to just $111.

Just keep in mind that the 90% offer applies to the first year only. For subsequent years, regular fees apply. For non-commercial email addresses, there may be an identity verification process.


2.     Oracle Bare Metal Instance


If you need to configure a highly exposed server that caters to certain workloads, then Oracle Bare Metal Instances might be right for you. Options include “standard” instance configuration for standard-purpose workloads, which balance CPU cores, memory, and network resources to suit a range of applications and use cases. For performance intensive database workloads with high IOPS requirements, “HighIO” provides NVMe-based local SSD drives and provides fast random I/O and high I/O operations.

For big data workloads there is “DenseIO” and “HPC Instance” is the most powerful configuration from Oracle designed for parallel HPC (or High Performance Computing) workloads.


3.     Amazon EC2 C5 Instances


In November 2019, Amazon launched a new option for EC2 C5 Server Instances, which are commonly used to run heavy workloads such as batch processing, distributed analytics, and high performance computing. Called c5.metal, Amazon aims for its metal counterparts at companies that deploy applications that need to avoid slowdowns due to virtualization, need access to low-level hardware and physical resources, and are intended to run directly on the server hardware.

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Amazon EC2 C5 instances can benefit from Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, and other AWS services.


4.     Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance

Based on the company’s next-generation virtualization technology, Alibaba’s ECS Bare Metal Instance provides both the flexibility for virtualization and the performance benefits of physical servers. Compatible with all Alibaba Cloud products, ECS Bare Metal Instance supports CPU configurations between eight and 96 cores, plus instance memory expansion from 32GB to 768GB.

Storage configurations start from virtual server images or cloud disks and support the installation of multiple cloud disks for better storage capacity. It’s all protected by Alibaba’s strict security requirements, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data.


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