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High Performance WordPress Hosting: Most popular types of WordPress hosting

What is WordPress hosting?

In the clearest sense, WordPress web hosting is a host that is optimized to run WordPress. The additional features offered will depend the type of the WordPress hosting you use. But, in general, it will be equipped with features such as one-click installation, so that you can quickly install WordPress on your site, or automatic updates to the WordPress kernel.

The different types of WordPress hosting available

You have learned above that any kind of hosting solution can technically be WordPress hosting, once you have WordPress installed. However, actual WordPress hosting is a specific type of hosting environment that is optimized to help WordPress work better.

Below are the most popular types of WordPress hosting that you will find.


1. Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting that you will be able to find. Think of it as a step ahead of traditional shared hosting in that it’s specifically optimized for WordPress.

However, with a shared WordPress hosting solution, you will be sharing server resources with other websites. This sharing of the web server environment is what helps keep costs low.

However, the web server you share will still be optimized for WordPress, so you’ll get improved performance over a traditional shared server.

Other popular features you’ll find on traditional WordPress hosting include the ability to use a one-click WordPress installer, so you can install WordPress in two minutes. Some hosts give you the ability to pre-install WordPress the moment you sign up for hosting.

Other features you might find include automatic updates to the WordPress kernel, along with themes and plugins, and of course a knowledgeable support team.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress sites have one of the highest levels of hosting available for WordPress sites. The Managed WordPress hosting takes the stress out of hosting and managing your site, as you’ll have a team of WordPress experts behind you every step of the way.

Usually, managed WordPress hosting uses a dedicated server. However, it can also be configured using VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or even a shared server environment. The exact type of server specification depends on the hosting provider you ultimately choose. You will often find that managed WordPress hosts use dedicated servers, which gives you more control over server setup and scalability.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of WordPress managed hosting:


Incredibly high speeds

If you run a WordPress site, you can get very fast loading speeds with an optimized server environment.

High levels of the security with WordPress hosting you have a secure hosting environment designed to protect against WordPress-specific attacks.

Updated server

With automatic updates, you can ensure your site stays fast and secure without any extra work on your part.

Dedicated support team

WordPress hosting offers you a support team that is well versed in WordPress and can help you address any hosting or site related issues quickly.

High level uptime

If your site is making money, you lose money every moment it is offline. Your WordPress host can help prevent this from happening.

Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed Hosting: Which one is better?

The general rule is that smaller WordPress sites that get less traffic should use shared WordPress hosting, while established WordPress sites that get higher levels of traffic should choose managed WordPress hosting.

However, your overall budget and the amount of time you have to manage your site should be the most important considerations.

Shared WordPress hosting services across the board will be cheaper. If you have little or no budget, you will probably want to opt for this style of WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting will be the most expensive option, but you will also have to spend less time managing your site. A team of WordPress experts will handle all technical and maintenance tasks. This will free up your time to take care of more value-added tasks related to your site.

Overall, managed WordPress hosting will give you the highest levels of performance, security, and features, but if your budget is tight, using shared WordPress hosting will still offer you a lot.