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Rare Combinations: The Cheapest & Best Windows VPS Hosts


Companies mainly use Windows server, which is just a regular Windowsoperating system; The only difference is that this one is used on the server. If you don’t look closely enough or at least use the server version of Windows, you may not be able to tell the difference because they both look exactly the same.

However, you will not download it online or buy servers by mistake if you are looking for one of the regular ones. One of the exciting things about Windows Server is that there are fewer hardware limitations compared to using regular Windows software. For example, you can just expand your regular Windows RAM with up to 2TB of RAM, which can be really crazy. However, the server version of Windows offers you up to 24TB of RAM. You can also boost your operating system. This reduced limit makes Windows VPS (which we’ll talk about later) even more awesome to use. Sign up for a Windows VPS plan with us and enjoy speed like never before.

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What are Windows VPS Servers?

Just like a dedicated server, a virtual private server/cloud server allows you to own your own space in an entire server, making it one of the more affordable and user-friendly hosting options. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. On a cloud VPS server, your domain lives in a world of its own. The idea of   VPS cloud hosting plans is to give you enough space without interference from other users adjacent to a shared server. In addition, you also have enough disk space, SSD VPS storage, enough RAM to ensure you more speed and flexibility, and other related upgrades. The VPS Windows is simply software that allows businesses and individuals to host their domains using Windows technology.

Rare Combinations of Windows VPS Hosts

1.     Speed

Everyone who has used any of the VPS plans will know that speed is one of the good features that a cloud VPS has to offer. This is because your domain operates without interruption just as with a dedicated server, unlike shared hosting. Do not share server space, RAM or bandwidth/disk space with any other website or company. Now, combine that speed with your Windows software, and you’ll know exactly how unstoppable you are.

2.     Cost effectiveness

VPS Windows is very affordable, which makes it very easy for new businesses to choose VPS plans for their server needs. At VPSServer.com, Windows Server VPS services are top notch, but this does not affect the pricing in any way. It costs much less than a dedicated server but gives you the same level of quality. Get your money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

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3.     Other users do not consume your resources

For people who use server sharing, whether it’s a Linux VPS or Windows, you know how hard it can be to manage 4GB of low RAM, 8GB of RAM and low bandwidth with other e-commerce sites, which may even be your competition. This sharing will drain your resources and reduce the effectiveness of your website in the long run.

4.     Higher level of security

Using Cloud VPS means that your domain will gain a stronger level of security because all your applications and software are now isolated from other users on the server.

5.     More admin control

Your hosting plan is independent of any other user or general server manager, giving you complete administrative control over everything that happens on the server. You have the freedom to manage all your affairs and treat them as if you were using a dedicated server. We take care of hosting monitoring, and then leave everything in your hands afterwards. At VPSServer.com, we assure you of complete admin control after we help you set up everything.

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6.     Easy upgrade

One of the most amazing things about the cloud/VPS is that you have the privilege to upgrade everything on your domain and server more easily. As your business and website grows, there will be a need for more gigabytes of RAM, SSD/bandwidth/disk space, dedicated IP address, and more. Windows-based hosting allows you to do this easily.

7.     Easy to use

Windows Virtual Cloud Server is easy to use. It works like the remote desktop that you can navigate with relative ease. We will offer you a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services.


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