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The Best Value in Linux VPS Hosts

When you need more power from a Web Hosting account but aren’t quite ready for your own dedicated servers, choosing Linux VPS Hosting Accounts is the perfect solution for you!

What is Linux VPS Hosting?

Linux Virtual Private Server hosting is a hosting service that offers customers many of the benefits of a dedicated server minus the higher cost associated with these dedicated servers. A VPS is located among other VPS on the same physical server. By using virtualization software, it is possible to have different virtual servers, all running their own operating system and applications, on the same physical server. Although these virtual private servers run on the same physical server, each virtual private server operates independently of the other.

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Best Value in Linux VPS Hosts

A Linux Virtual Private Server is simply a VPS server running on the Linux operating system.

Why VPS?

VPS provides you with enhanced security. Each virtual private server resides in its own virtual private server space on the server. This space is isolated from other processes and data on the server, and is therefore safe, as well as secure, from any other processes and data on the same server.

Also, since the VPS is running in its isolated server environment, it is also very reliable. It will prove that it will not be vulnerable to any code running on any other part of the server where the VPS you are using is located. This is because the virtualization software that runs on the server isolates each separate Virtual Private Server instance on the server, making each VPS more independent of each other on the same server.

Another great benefit that a VPS offers is its low cost. In order to get the many benefits that a VPS has to offer, you will have to pay the higher costs associated with a dedicated server. With the VPS, you get many of the same features but at a reduced cost.

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Why Linux?

Linux is a powerful and perfectly optimized operating system for the web. For the starters, Linux is an open source operating system. The developers of this operating system release new updates and revisions regularly and it is always free. An operating system like Windows is a commercial product and users must pay for a license just to use a copy of the operating system. Simply, because there is no charge for us to install Linux OS on the server, therefore, pass these savings on to our valued customers. This makes all of our Linux-based plans more affordable than they would be if they were based on a commercial OS, and ultimately, helps you save money.

However, this is not the case with Linux. Although this operating system is open source and therefore frees to install and use, it also happens to be very stable, secure and reliable.

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  • Stable – With a Linux-based operating system, when hardware components are upgraded and installed within the system, there is no need to perform a system reboot. When a computer system is restarted, its resources and any data that can be fetched from the system are for most intents and purposes unavailable until the restart has finished. On a Linux based server, this is never a problem.
  • Secure – With a very efficient and powerful user community, Linux is a very secure operating system.
  • Super Reliability – Besides the two main points mentioned earlier that help prove the reliability of a Linux operating system, there is also a nice feature inherent in Linux operating systems that when one component fails, there is an instantaneous switching of the failure to another that did not fail. This useful redundancy ensures consistent reliability over time and Linux operating systems handle this well.
  • Affordable – A cheap Linux VPS server is only about the price you pay, not the service you get!

Why a Linux VPS?

Linux Virtual Private Server is a perfect combination. It combines all the great benefits that a VPN has to offer with all the great benefits that Linux has to offer. With a Linux VPS, you will get both the security and reliability that comes from having a VPS as well as the security and reliability that comes from running a Linux based operating system. Moreover, you will get cost savings from both VPS and Linux based operating system. You really get the best of both worlds with a Linux Virtual Private Server.


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